New Boutique Hotel Bar Creates Luxury Feel

Friday, June 10th, 2016 | Releases

Wilson Associates chose only the best for Chancellor’s House, the new luxury boutique hotel in Oxford, Mississippi.

The world-renowned interior design firm, Wilson Associates, seeks to embody modern luxury with a nod to the traditions of Southern elegance for the Chancellor’s House luxury boutique hotel under construction in Oxford, Mississippi.

Chancellor’s House, which will be opening in early 2017, has chosen the top designers for all the aspects of the luxurious ambiance they are creating for their guests. Wilson Associates is world-renowned having created lavish furnishings for five-star hotels around the world in China, India, Mexico, Italy and many other countries. They are working to create a luxurious, elegant yet inviting ambiance for the main bar. Located
immediately off the lobby, Chancellor’s Bar is the perfect place to enjoy the signature Chancellor’s House Cup, served in engraved silver Julep cups, featuring Small Batch Rebel Yell Reserve. This cup is just one of the intricate elegant details that can be observed in all areas of the hotel.

According to Michael Crosby, principal designer for Wilson Associates, “What is particularly exciting about this property is its size, as this allows an immense amount of intricate detail in the furnishings and design. Working with a hotel of this caliber and elegance is a joy, as our pieces will stand out in an intimate space with such sophistication and architectural design.”

Crosby has designed some of the world’s most sophisticated, award-winning luxury retreats including The Blue Train in South Africa; Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Puerto Rico; Rosewood Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands; The Venetian Macau in China; and Montage Kapalua Bay in Hawaii. With this extensive cultural background using lavish styles from around the world, Crosby and Wilson Associates are sure to add a sense of indulgence and artistry to the bar.

The bar is decorated in a traditional style. Which will include a French marble fireplace and an antique styled bar to add to the warm ambiance which will make guests feel as though they have stepped into a gentlemen’s parlor in a grand Southern estate.

One piece that will be included is a coffee table from Baker furniture. It is Mahogany with an antique brass stretcher detail. This piece has classic lines and fine details that uphold the sophisticated nature of the hotel.

Another item featured in the bar will be this lamp, made of a Light Glass Drum surrounded by a light bronze fine mesh. It will be hanging above a private booth near the entrance to the Chancellor’s House Bar. This lamp will be the only one of its kind for the property. The placement was important, as the designers wanted it to be in a special spot. This piece helps the harmony of the room become even warmer.

Wilson Associates creates new definitions of luxury for guests that are increasingly well traveled, connected and culturally diverse. According to Crosby, “We embrace the firm’s legacy for achievement, dynamic talent and collaborative spirit to create the world’s most iconic projects. Through our dedication to progressive design, we aim to inspire and engage our clients, people and world culture. We are committed to providing the highest level of luxury design and client service through a full range of design services.”

Founded in 1971, Wilson Associates employs over 350 design professionals throughout our eight global offices in Abu Dhabi, Dallas (Headquarters), Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, Paris (Atelier), Shanghai and Singapore.

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